Risk Management

Risk Management through Insurance

Through our comprehensive financial planning process, we will review your insurance policies with you to see if they meet your needs. We will review any current life and long-term care insurance policies and run gap analysis to see if your current coverage can meet a potential early death or long-term care need.

We also provide review of your company or workplace benefits to assist in evaluating medical, disability, and life insurance options.

Lastly, we review home, auto, and umbrella policies to make sure you have proper liability coverage and appropriate deductibles.

Risk Management through Investing

ARC AIQ Asset Management solves what we call the “Advisor’s Dilemma.” As fiduciary to your client base, with each relationship having its own distinct needs and circumstances, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage both client relationships and client assets as market complexity increases. Trying to successfully accomplish both can hinder the ability to scale your practice.

Our scientific approach to fundamental investing is unique in the investment management industry and is designed to solve many of the pitfalls inherent in both traditional, stand-alone quantitative and fundamental investment strategies. To accomplish this, AIQ combines the tremendous and rapidly evolving power of artificial intelligence with the irreplicable intuition and experience of traditional fundamental analysts.

At this intersection of A.I. and IQ lies fertile investment ground allowing AIQ to seek compelling returns for our investors with a careful eye on the amount of risk required for clients to work toward their financial goals according to their risk tolerance.